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Series Review: Love song love stories - Pea Jai (แพ้ใจ) (2015) - Thailand - EP 1

Series Review: Love song love stories Ch. Pae Jai (แพ้ใจ)

Pae Jai is a song of Mai Jaroen-pura who's a famous female singer in 90's. This song told about the fact of love, no one can denied or resisted to suddenly fall in love with someone when it's coming for you. Love always be love, nothing gonna be change the love even though you're falling in love with girls or boys. Love song love stories was created by A-time Media of the GMM company, it was divided into several chapters and theme of the songs. Pae Jai is the first chapter of the love song love stories series, it's related with the love romantic triangle between three girls. 

 Fay, the photographer who has a broken heart by a self-willed ex-girlfriend. She kept the promise with herself that she won't in love anymore. She get hurt so badly and she has been keeping busy with photography work. She hide her painfulness with work, who knows, it will lead her to met a special one of her life.

 Mameaw, she's an occupational therapist, a hippo therapist, an owner of the horse farm who has a soft heart and a peaceful soul. Her job and her life are associated with helping people to create the connecting bonds for the behavior therapy. From the starting, she just want to help Fay to be confront with regret feeling but it's more than just a helping.

Mon, she hates being alone and she's so headstrong. She has free loves, it's not depends on the gender but it's depends on her emotional deprivation. However, she exerts all of herself for love, it hurts her and her lovers though.

Fay and Mon are get along together, they have a normal life of couple. Someday, Fay need to go to the onsite working and she left Mon to be alone. Mon pretended she was sulk. No matter what how sweet they are, Fay gotta go to work anyways. Actually, Fay keep a secret to surprise her lover, she has replaced her work by some friend. Fay come back to her apartment and she found out the betraying of her lover. She saw Mon was cuddling by an another one boyfriend. Fay got heavy crying and then she break off with Mon.

Fay got into the trouble and her life was ruining by drunkenness. Her friends are worrying about her and they got downhearted with her sorrow. Fay didn't sleep at her apartment and she lack of her attention for working. Fay's boss found out and she said "Just a girl!! How long have you let her hurts you feeling?". Fay go to the bathroom and recalled her self. She look at the mirror and she said "Don't love anyone to get hurts again".

Then she keep doing busy on herself, she took all of work with her responding. Her co-workers as well as close friends are happy that she recovered her grieve away. Next day, Fay got a big job from the accidentally event that happen with the other co-worker. Boss gave an interviewing job and a photo shoot about the hippo therapy to her. Fay accepts with her welling. She doesn't notice that it's will forever change her dead inside.

 Fay arrived at the horse farm with haste and fully one's hand. Fay have got absent-minded fallen when she saw a girl that lean on her horse. Mameaw turn back to smile at Fay and then the stuff on Fay's hand was spilled. A cup of coffee was pouring at her shirt, that why she has got Mameaw's smile.

Meaw help Fay clean out her clothes and told Fay "If you have got slow down, you will not waste you time like this. People who has got a rush lifestyle, we can defined into 2  types. First, they have lot of things to do or they didn't have times for themselves. Which one is your?" Fay didn't say anything and she just stirs at Mameaw face. Then, Fay started her job and she shoots a tons of question for a moment. Mameaw gave briefly answering to Fay, and she has take a breaking off the conversation with discontent. Mameaw make a deal with Fay to spend more times with her, because she want Fay to get to know more about herself and her job. She seem doesn't like make things by haste and lack of attention.

Fay got frustrated with the deal, and she was expelled by Mameaw's leaving. Fay come back to her office and she make rumbling with friends. They don't understand but they kept going to shoot the fashion set. Fay has concentrated with work until it's finished. Fay was attacked by Mon, she drunk talked. Fay ask Mon that she really don't know what's going on the earth. Fay don't want to talk to Mon again, she didn't answer the phone and also she didn't called her back. Fay annoy Mon, and she do promised with Mon that she will talk to her tomorrow. Mon was calm though the promise and she left.

Fay gotta going back to the horse farm for doing her job. she decided to spend all day and she have to focused on Meaw to get to know her more. Meaw saw Fay beside the fences, Fay started talking Meaw that she want to know more about the horse, the activity and Meaw. Meaw let Fay take photos around the field while she have to do the therapy with the boy. Suddenly, Fay forgot to turn off the telephone and it's ringing. The horse was panic attack by the telephone ringing sound, and the boy has fallen down. Fay ran into the field for checking and helping the boy, Fay and Meaw brought the boy to get first aid.  

Meaw feel really sorry with the injury accident for a boy and parent. Fay get nervous and she feel really bad. Meaw calm her and brought some water to her, then they're talking about their feeling. Meaw told her about how to solve the problem, "People should more often face with that problem. It will lead to get though the problem". Fay nods her head and ask "You did told me that I look like a sick person. What's the part that i have sick?". After that Meaw put her hand down at Fay's chest to answer the question. Meaw said "How to deal with painful is face with the problem, people need to understand and accept it. Are you really ready for learning everything?". Then she pulled Fay's hand to get to know Jay-Chou which is her favorite horse. She told Fay to tell the horse about yourself and your life. Meaw walk away because Fay look waver in mind. In the end, Fay said "She used to have a very happy love, but now it's collapse. I still hurt even thought how long its pass". 

Fay walk away and she stop by for crying at the terrace. Mameaw follows Fay and ask her "Are you tired?". Fay nods her head. Meaw walk away and get back with a bucket. She pour the water in a bucket on Fay's head. Meaw told her to stop crying and switch off the past. Fay get wet all of her body, she smiles at Mameaw though. Fay said "You want me to stay with the present, right? Now I'm wet, should i wash my hair right now?". That's the picture for Meaw's answer. they look so happy.

The last part of episode 1 contained with tons of sweet, it show how sweet they are. They get more close and more feeling. Mameaw told Fay about the reason that they used horses for therapy. Horse is sensitive and understand the feeling and emotion of the rider. Horse can defined the emotion as happy, excited or sad, and horse will adapt itself to connect with their emotion. But when we're sad, horse will try to comfort us. Fay ask "How do you know? You look like understanding with everything." Mameaw said "it's funny. People might think that they're the only one in the world that's sad. Actually, everyone can be sad and it might happen with all of you." Fay told that she feel like worthless and full of sadness. She don't want to feel that way again. Meaw said "I get it, but it doesn't mean you just pressed it down. You should face with it again and carefully look on it. Think about that it hurts you or you hurts yourself. Do you want to being with no pain or full pain?" Meaw continues asking "Do you a girlfriend, right?". They're talking about the feeling when they're falling in love with someone and its how heartbeat sound likes. This sentence lead them to stir the eye of each other. They might have some feeling! Fay give back the seem question "Do you have a boyfriend or a girlfriend?". Meaw told "It can be a boy or a girl, whatever, I wouldn't get stuck on it. If i love someone, it's a person.". And then they change topic into the tea. 

I really like this Chapter. It looks similar like happening to me. Look at the chemistry between Jeab Lalana a.k.a. Fay and Kao Supassara a.k.a. Mameaw and how cute they are. Actually, Jeab are older than Kao as 5 years, that's so interesting. I like the atmosphere and setting place, it's smooth and real fellow with the theme of story. If you want to watch this series, here is the link ( It will release at every 8 P.M. on Thursday (starting from: 03/12/2015).
I definitely ship Fay and Meaw. I want them to be happily together forever in the end. But GMM25 always surprised fans with drama or tragedy things. I don't want to guess or get high hope with these, i just keep my eyes on it. Everyone can share or talk with me about the whole series that i reviewed. Sometime i type them by Thai and English, it depends on the origin of film made. I don't know anyone else keep reading my review, so i didn't fix it. Please tell me if you want me to type by Thai or English, and i will be grateful. Thanks for your read and your support all of these series and things with me. 


  1. Omggg finally I understand! As an Indonesian fans of lakorn, it's sad to know nothing what they are talking :'(

  2. Yeah, it would be great that the subtitles will be shown in the video. This story has only 2 chapters, and now it was ending up. Thank you for your time to read my review and I hope you're enjoying with the last one of the stories. :D



  3. Yes indeed I enjoyed all of them but the story was too short tho. Would u mind to make review of episode two? *puppy eyes*

  4. anyone know where i can watch with English sub?? please!!

  5. Thank you Breek Nation for your blog about 'LOVE SONGS LOVE STORIES -Pea Jai. I just watch the short videos from You Tube showing Fay & Mameaw, they both beautiful & i think they have a good chemistry together. I hope you can keep writing this blog to inform us more about TV Series / Movies in Thailand.
    Success to you Break Nation
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